More structure and a better overview with XA Flow!
More structure and a better overview with XA Flow!


Digitization in education offers many advantages. Not only for teachers, but also for support staff, parents and pupils. Just think about it: if a teacher no longer has any administrative tasks because all information (including tests and exams, for example) can easily be assessed, stored and processed digitally, then the teacher can focus on the teaching itself. Which happens to be what education is all about: the future of our children.

Education runs aground because of the way it is organized. The additional administration is an important cause of the experienced workload, as has also been shown in research by TNO


Reduced work pressure due to automation

Teachers spend about 6 hours a week on administration. Three-quarters of the teachers surveyed by TNO think that these administrative tasks are (too) time-consuming, so that it is at the expense of other activities. For example, 78% indicate that they do not have enough time to pay extra attention to students and 37% cannot turn their backs on work at home. XA Flow makes it possible for teachers to work more flexibly. For example, by providing digital environments for uploading tests, exam protocols and assessed work. Documents are then processed in the student administration in a fully automated way using smart software.

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Setting up efficient document processes with XA Flow

Many educational institutions use eHRM software solutions such as "Youforce" from Visma-Raet and "Profit" from AFAS. Sometimes as an end user, but often also with the intervention of administration offices. The paper personnel files are digitized and made available digitally in these solutions. However, the files must also be kept "up to date" after the one-off digitisation. With XA Flow various document processes can be easily automated. For example, it is possible to create a portal so that digitized documents (or already digital documents) can easily be uploaded to the relevant eHRM environment. As soon as the documents are in the system, the user immediately receives a personal message.

A workflow can also be set up for documents that are scanned by the administration office itself. Scanned documents enter the workflow and can easily be further processed (provided with the correct metadata and then uploaded to the eHRM environment).

Automate the invoicing and accounts receivable management process (for administration offices)
In a tight accounts receivable management process, managing the incoming cash flows and collecting outstanding invoices is central, which is also something that every administrative office has to deal with. Deploying XA Flow is a fast and highly effective way to strengthen your financial position because your outstanding invoices are paid faster.

Accounts receivable management plays a major role when it comes to your liquidity position. Did you know that 73% of all bankruptcies are caused by poor credit management? In many cases, credit management receives insufficient attention. With XA Flow, administration offices can fully automate the invoicing and accounts receivable process and communicate with their accounts receivable at pre-defined moments. The communication can take place through different channels. Some examples are e-mail, print, SMS and facebook messenger. Invoices can be created in different file formats, some examples are PDF, UBL and XML. Of course, combinations are also possible.

Want to learn more?

Are you curious about the possibilities for your organization? Please contact us quickly under phone number +31(0)33-45 45 050. Our consultants will be happy to visit you, to discuss your processes and the possibilities with you over a cup of coffee. Of course you are also welcome at our office in Amersfoort for an extensive demo.


Higher education

With XA Flow you can easily and clearly follow the developments of your students, see how your students are performing and also where they need extra help or challenges. You can connect all your software applications to reduce administration work. Because XA Flow is a Cloud solution, you don't depend on your fixed workplace and you have insight anytime, anywhere. Because the software registers all progress, you have more time for your students. You will finally have time to customize lessons and give your students extra guidance.


Secondary education

Students in secondary education are accustomed to recording, offering or processing information digitally. It is therefore important that educational institutions consciously start digitizing the processes that come into contact with the students. With XA Flow you can easily let all your systems, applications and data sources work together. This prevents repetitive administrative work that can lead to great frustrations and a high workload.


Primary education

How do you prepare young students for a world full of technology? At an increasingly younger age, students come into contact with technology and become accustomed to the digital way of working. As an educational institution, it is important to work on a digital apprenticeship environment that meets the needs of the student. This contributes to the quality of education! With XA Flow you are able to easily set up a student environment that is linked to all systems within your school.

Frequently asked questions

Should I replace my current software?

No, you don't have to!

The power of XA Flow is precisely that you can make all your software packages, applications, favorite apps, online services and big data sources work together in a simple way. You do not need any programming or development knowledge for this. You can use ready-made connectors (API links) from our Marketplace or add your own connector in just a few steps using our Wizard.

For example:
Suppose you are a director/owner of a construction company. That company uses a scheduling app and a timekeeping app in which your employees can track of the hours they work.

Those systems work well in theory, but the problem is that they are not linked together. Therefore, it takes your colleagues a lot of time to manually enter hours from the timesheet app into the scheduling system (or vice versa).

Frustration all around: you have invested heavily in two software packages that do not communicate with each other.

However, some companies use as many as 5 to 10 different software packages that all work independently of each other. Packages that are not linked, but in which (partly) the same data is used. This often means that a lot of data has to be entered manually/ Again, this causes frustration and annoyance.

With XA Flow, these annoyances become a thing of the past. With XA Flow, you can connect these systems to each other effortlessly by means of connectors, which means that the systems can communicate with each other and that data can be exchanged automatically. In short: less time, lower costs and higher productivity!


In what kind of industries is XA Flow active?

XA Flow is applicable in any organization. However, our focus is strongly on the business market, education, municipal government and healthcare. Our references include renowned companies and institutions. What do all these companies and institutions have in common? They had several software packages running internally that were not well coordinated and/or paper intensive processes. As a result, there was a lot of wastage in processes (both in labor time and money).

In many of these organizations and institutions, we have started with a Quick Scan. The scan quickly and clearly shows what can be improved and what these improvements will yield. This makes our Quick Scan the perfect starting point for every improvement journey!


How does a Quick Scan work?

Every organization and department is different. Therefore, the exact approach of our Quick Scan is always personalized. Together we determine the scope of the scan and the intended results. Support within the organization is essential, which is why we take the time to inform all those involved during a kick-off meeting. Then we get to work; we observe, analyze, map out processes and people visually, and finally we present the findings.

However, this is not where our Quick Scan ends. At this point we have identified the potential for improvement. Now it is time to really help the department or organization on its way. We do this through a Business Case and a plan for the improvement journey. So we not only show what can be improved, but also how the best results can be achieved.

What are connectors?

A connector is basically a ready-made API link. API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API allows other systems and software to provide an "input" to a particular system. This input allows different systems to communicate with each other and exchange data.

To simply explain an API, we often like to make the comparison with a plug and a socket. A socket can be seen as the system or the software. The plug, in this case, can be seen as the API. If the plug fits into the socket, then they can communicate with each other.


How does a connector work?

If two systems need to communicate with each other, the system uses a connector (API) to address the other system. The connector is then used to exchange the required data. An API can be developed in a very flexible way, meaning that there are practically no limits in relation to your desired functionality.

Within XA Flow you have access to an extensive Marketplace containing numerous connectors. You can also add a connector yourself with the help of a helpful Wizard, without needing any programming knowledge. Would you rather not have to worry about it? No problem, our XA Flow consultants will help you get started. Creating a custom connector takes 1 - 3 days on average.

Which type of processes can I automate with XA Flow?

XA Flow is an all-encompassing software solution with the ability to fully automate all of your processes.

Our software solution helps you save time and costs so you can fully focus on your core business activities and increase your productivity. XA Flow effortlessly combines the power of your data with automated processes, workflows and communication through various channels. You can use XA Flow to set up and automate billing processes, administrative processes, document processes, sales processes and HRM processes, among other things. But of course also for lead generation, email marketing (Marketing Automation) and scan, document and print processes.

The possibilities are endless! XA-Flow is software-independently and can easily be linked to existing source systems such as CRM packages, financial packages, personnel information systems and document management systems. And of course to scanners and multifunctionals (for input and output management).