More structure and a better overview with XA Flow!
More structure and a better overview with XA Flow!

Recruitment 3.0 with XA Flow!

There are big changes going on in the world of recruitment. More and more organizations have recruitment as a priority, but finding talent is becoming increasingly difficult. Additionally, new technology is being developed to improve the recruitment process with specific recruitment software and automation.


Automate with XA Flow!

XA Flow allows all your systems to work together optimally. Most recruitment systems (ATS) have an API, which enables us to easily create a link using our connectors. This allows you to add, update and/or delete data in your systems in an easy and effective way. With the advantage that you save costs (no manual input of data) and increase your productivity. In short: 100% focus on your core business activities!


With selfbilling, the process of invoicing between you and the zzp'er is reversed. Our customers who work with many suppliers, freelancers or flex workers all experience the same problem: purchase invoices, hourly or expense claims that are often incorrect. That causes a lot of administrative workload within their organizations. Employees have to check all incoming invoices one-on-one and discuss irregularities with the supplier, contractor or flex worker. This takes up a lot of valuable time!

Selfbilling is the invoicing process that we also call 'reversed billing'. We call it as such because your suppliers, self-employed and flex workers do not invoice you directly, but through our automated solution. Since you purchase the software, you are invoicing your own organization on behalf of your suppliers, freelancers and flex workers. Selfbilling is the missing link in your financial processes.

"Date picker" module

With our portal "date picker" your employees can easily offer a candidate to the client. Both parties have access to the portal and are in charge of scheduling an introductory meeting. The client can reject or approve the candidate and suggest possible dates. This enables the candidate to accept one of the dates or propose new dates to the client. Letting the client and the candidate pin a date together in our module saves you time again!

Connecting with your marketing automation software

By linking your marketing automation package, automated lists can be imported, which are used to target candidates better and more directly.


Increase the experience of your candidates!

By automating your internal pocesses with XA Flow there is more time left to bring the human touch back into your daily work and your organization is able to build long-term relationships. The candidate experience is part of the modern recruitment process which we see is becoming increasingly important. Competition for talent is fierce and recruiters increasingly use technology to ensure the candidate's experience. Clients/customers find it important that you ensure potential candidates have a good experience from the very first moment.


Increase your productivity and save valuable time!

With XA Flow you are able to automate your manual processes and increase productivity. Your employees can concentrate on their core tasks and are less busy with repetitive (boring) tasks. For many organizations, the change towards automation can be rather confusing. The XA Flow platform is easy to integrate within your organization. In the end it is always about the speed and quality of your recruitment process. Use XA Flow in the parts of your process where the most profit can be made. Save time and let automation do the work for you!

100% focus on the core activities!

By using XA Flow's platform, your organization gets more peace of mind and the focus shifts from peripheral activities to your core business activities. Your recruiters can focus on people again, read candidates. The promise of XA Flow is that recruitment will be more fun, because some of the most labor-intensive and boring tasks of your recruiters will be automated!