More structure and a better overview with XA Flow!
More structure and a better overview with XA Flow!

About XA Flow

Where did it all start?

Over 25 years ago, a young, ambitious and unstoppable representative felt it was time for the next step, a business of his own. Freedom, flexibility and the busy task that is selling the premium brand Xerox. A publicly traded company that had invented the copier, laser printer and fax machine. Xerox invented other things too: Ethernet, apps, the touchscreen and much more. Therein lay the challenge and the love for the brand. A great story is that after visiting the Xerox development center PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), Steve Jobs turned his business around after seeing Xerox's touchscreen technology. In short, Xerox is much more than hardware and supplies. With the arrival of the first Multifunction Printer, yes also from Xerox, it all started. Then we got a fast network printer, but what do we actually do with all those scans we asked ourselves in 1998?

From document-related solutions, we were soon engaged in our customers' processes. The solutions we deliver have only one goal; customer satisfaction. That was our primary starting point and it still is! 

The change

Developments did not stand still and the company grew steadily, more customers, more salespeople, and more technicians. The software became more sophisticated and therefore it was possible to connect "third party applications". Today, Xerox is a company with its own apps on the MFP and its own app store. Because of its focus on new developments, Xerox will always be ahead of the curve, like a true trend setter. After all, the market is mutating from "how many prints do you do a month, to what does your organization and work processes look like and how can we help with our services, solutions and software." Much more fun and challenging right? We believe so!

Affordable workflow solutions 

The lack of affordable software, which really integrates and where you can automate specific customer requirements through workflows, continued to hold our interest. Finding new applications that easily connect to existing processes and ICT environments. How cool would it be if many manual actions and often boring tasks just run automatically, own web pages can be built and messages can be sent. So don't wait until it's on the roadmap of one of your software suppliers. Time is precious and applications, apps and communication platforms develop at lightning speed.  Because one thing is certain, we are incredibly driven efficiency junkies! Our hair immediately stands on end when we have to click through 4 screens again before we can fill in something. All that knowledge has become XA Flow. Finally a cloud based software solution that is nice and easy to use, all the way to 2020! Numerous links and possibilities are supported and all in real time. No hassle with code language, but configurable workflows with "drag and drop" with a thousand and one possibilities. Build small workflows, large workflows, involve your ERP, CRM, DMS, Big Data and SQL database sources and so on.  It all doesn't matter. No mandatory database structure, so bring on your data.

New applications and links take place on a daily basis and customer requirements become more diverse but one thing remains: we are and always will be efficiency junkies, and that's a big advantage for you!